Chapters 4 & 5

Since I'm posting a little late I decided to completely mix it up and post about both chapters I was planning on discussing this week.

If you have the book and have been following along with me you'll agree that Wiggins and McTighe continue to require thoughtful questions as they explain how to implement essential questions by giving scenarios which examine the "flip side of the coin," or issues that fall on opposite ends of the spectrum. They describe both a four and eight phase method which gives insight into how to balance the approach with the gradual release model. They also mention the issues, the indicators and suggest some trouble shooting methods. But they never tell you how to do something. That's what I love about their style of teaching. There are no clear cut answers. Only thoughtful suggestions that leave possible questions and answers unspoken.

I've learned a great deal from this book and look forward to studying it again with my colleagues as I implement some of the suggested strategies offered by these amazing fellow educators. While I've not covered all the chapters I'm going to wrap up this book study with this post. I will be back to discuss Chapter 7 but it will be in a different context for a different purpose.

I will also continue to use twitter for weekly chats #MMPD. They will not always be book study chats so please follow along so you know whats coming up next. Topics and questions will be posted on Thursday before the Friday night chat.

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