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Hello guys!

I'm in a huge learning curve here as I figure out all the amazing things to explore on Twitter and Thinglink. I've recently signed up for their 2015 Thinglink Teacher Challenge! It's been amazing and we're only in week 2! Plus I'm trying to make sense of Essential Questions and how I can apply Understanding by Design in my intervention program.

This week we discussed Chapter 1 & 3 in Wiggins and McTighe's Essential Questions  and I had a lot of ah ha moments.  Maybe because I've devoured this book and I continue to go back and as I reread it my understanding seems to deepen each time!

I've been on a journey to figure out how I learn for as long as I can remember. Each time I do a book study, take a a class, do Twitter chats or just discuss with colleagues I learn a little more about how I learn and how I can improve my methods of listening, understanding and applying new knowledge.

As I reread these chapters and wrote my posts this week my biggest ah ha moment occurred when I made a connection with my experience with where I work. We've taken the long journey of hashing out what we deem essential. But it was messy.  When we wanted to see in black and white it was gray. Unbeknownst to anyone essential questions were being asked and we didn't always have the "correct" answer. But was there a "correct" answer?

Fortunately we have an amazing administrator who steered through the storm with only the occasional "bump and bruise"  but nothing serious.  My understanding of learning has been pushed to a new level.

Another key concept that stuck out for me was teaching and learning are intentional practices that need attention and careful handling. Another connection was made. As we muddled through the gray we stood firm in our intentional belief of essential understandings. We were given room to practice and reflect and come to understandings that we hadn't experienced before.  We all grew. We changed and our practices changed.

My hope is that you're making connections and learning like I have been so far throughout this study. I hope you can join in on the chat tonight and look forward to discussing designing essential questions.

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